1000 sq. ft. new construction

This two-bedroom house was designed and built to sell on the Canadian Multiple Listing Service (M.L.S.). Fitting into the existing residential neighborhood while still being contemporary, the house’s form relates to the adjacent houses without replicating them. The roof is symmetrically pitched at the front and sloped to one side at the back, giving each of the rooms on the upper level a different spatial quality. Although a complex form, the roof has been built using standard wood frame assembly, adding architectural intrigue without adding to the cost of construction. Because this house was built on spec, keeping the costs down was a primary focus. In order to afford features like the glazed walls and hydronic in-floor heating, standard finishes and typical installation methods were favoured over costly finishes and complicated detailing. To minimize the amount of hallway and maximize the number of rooms in this small house (333 sq. ft. per floor), the staircase bisects the plan creating two primary spaces, front and back, on each level. In order to utilize the basement level as a proper living space a portion of the front yard was excavated to create a two level planted light well, filling the front room on the lower level with natural light.

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