3000 sq. ft. interior renovation and interior design

This renovation combines two adjoining apartments to create a unique condominium unit that snakes around the building’s central corridor forming a ‘U’ shaped plan. Designed with future flexibility in mind, the unit can easily be converted back into separate apartments with only minor alterations, allowing the owners to respond to the market‘s demand when and if they decide to sell. The unit is enclosed by floor to ceiling glass walls on each of the three exterior sides of the ‘U’. The private spaces in the home are pulled away from the perimeter walls and appear as distinct volumes within the larger footprint, leaving the exterior walls uninterrupted uniting the three sides of the unit. The glazed perimeter is complimented by a new ceiling-scape, which tidies up the previous hodge-podge of mechanical bulkheads and subtly defines the various living spaces below. Pulling the main air duct away from the perimeter accommodates a cove for the continuous white sheers that fluidly unite one room to the next. Internal rooms benefit from daylight by means of clear glass partitions and strategic use of both clear and smoked mirror throughout.

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